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Malin is constantly in the lime light with her soloshow. She’s also touring with the Swedish-German magic duo MALIN&ZINK and together with the extraordinary magician Charlie Caper.

The shows Magic:Unplugged, MALIN&ZINK and Minor Miracles is known for their artistic expression, hand made magic, surrealism, comedy topped with a pinch of confetti.


A magic show from the imagination of Malin Nilsson and Markus Zink.

MALIN&ZINK is the duo behind the legendary magic shows at the Skillinge Theatre.

They are constantly in the lime light with their touring show ”MALIN&ZINK”.
The South German rural areas brings us the magician Markus Zink. He is the brain behind “Schrott”, a magic show made of metal scrap, bicycle parts, confetti and a ton of original ideas. ”Schrott” has been touring in Germany, France and Austria in more than 15 years!

”I laughed so hard that I literally cried and that I haven’t done since last summer’s show. Book now!”
Ystads Allehanda

Malin Nilsson & Charlie Caper:

An award winning, international touring magic show by Malin Nilsson and Charlie Caper. Winner “Best Magic” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!
Malin Nilsson and Charlie Caper deliver a laugh out loud, one-of-a-kind magic show with a lot of WTFs and raw onions! World class sleight of hand magic from Sweden, performed on five continents, and a sell-out show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!

”A truly magical and beautiful performance. These two will leave you gasping in awe and in uncontrollable laughter…”
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Charlie Caper stole the hearts of the Swedish nation when he won ’Sweden’s Got Talent’. He has been performing in 42 different countries, perfecting his sleight of hand during more than 4500 shows.
Nilsson and Caper have been thinking, writing and creating magic side by side since 15 years. ”Minor Miracles” is their first show as a duo, and it comes straight from their hearts to the stage.

”Outstanding… amazing… superb… should be on TV…”
Edinburgh Fringe Festival